Wednesday, 25 November 2009

thanks for m.r.

just a note to wish my stateside blogger friends a truely happy thanksgiving for tomorrow!

i know we don't celebrate thanksgiving over this side of the pond, but m.r. called me at work today just to tell me he loved me and it made me realise how thankful i am to have found him.

it made me think back to the early months of our relationship, when everything was new and we had just said those three immortal words to one another. shortly after this time, i sent him a list of reasons why i loved him. they are also the reasons i still thank whoever sent him to me:
  1. You’re gorgeous
  2. You eat my attempts at cooking with a smile on your face
  3. You’re a computer geek
  4. You are genuinely kind-hearted (a rarity nowadays)
  5. You wear awesome clothes
  6. You support me and make me believe i am capable of anything
  7. Your parents have a beautiful house in france (joke!)
  8. You spend time with my family and love them even though they’re a little crazy
  9. You leave the toothpaste in the shower after weirdly brushing your teeth with hot water
  10. You don’t eat sweets, which leaves all the more for me
 i love m.r.


Fay said...

Superb blog, Donna. You write with so much charm and energy! I especially like how you write about your man, clear as day that you're head over heels about each other. I'm going to really enjoy keeping up with your wedding plans, such an exciting time! Fay x

PS my husband kept 4 excel spreadsheets when we were planning our wedding, he wouldn't let me near them!!

Red Boots said...

Oh, this is the sweetest! Mr sounds like a definite keeper!

My boyfriend always tries to eat my attempts at 'cooking' with a smile on his face except for the time my stir-fry (seriously, how can you go wrong with stir-fry?!) made him sick in his mouth. Since then I have only cooked very very infrequently. When I do, he always takes over!


Saskia said...

Happy UK-not-thanksgiving-but-it-should-be-Thursday!

I loved your list Donna. You're both lucky to have found each other! I have, luckily for me, found a more 'old fashioned' kinda guy - one who is also genuinely kind hearted like m.r. Seeing Mr B helping a lady with a big suitcase up the escaltors in the underground just warms me inside.


janis said...

i hope this doesn't sound creepy but m.r. is sure cute!

great list...he sounds like a quirky wonderful man. lucky lady :)

ps. your comment is good inspiration to pick up again some of my other university reads...but maybe in a few years!

Shahab Mahdavi said...

Cool. Thanksgiving is great!