Friday, 13 November 2009

"frankly my dear".......

recently, i discovered that m.r. has never seen the movie 'gone with the wind'.

"how is this possible?" i asked, "it's a classic!"

"well, it's a chick flick, right?" he replied.

i tried to explain that this movie is in no way a chick flick. instead, it serves as a warning to everyone that the grass is definitely not always greener and by the time you realise this, it may be too late - you may have already lost the one thing that you loved the most.

nowadays (i hesitate to use the phrase 'our generation' without sounding like my grandad), we're always wanting to be one step ahead of ourselves, always wanting the next big thing or wishing we had something that we can't afford. often, i think we forget what we actually already have, and don't take enough time to appreciate the place we are right now.

so here's my appreciation, as right now i'm in the happiest, most wonderful relationship, surrounded by a supportive and loving family, with hard to find, genuine friends. i'm in a job i love, living in a flat that feels like home.

i obviously dream of other things, things that will come to us in time i am sure. but right now, all of that can wait. because right now, i have everything i could wish for.

take some time today to tell me your appreciations and why you love where you are right now!


Saskia said...

I feel the same as you... everything moves so fast, everyone achieves something and then immediately wants the next thing...

While I applaud motivation and achievement I also think we need to take time and enjoy what we have now, for we are rich in so many ways.

Have a lovely weekend xx

mart and lu said...

hi donna! thanks for stopping by...i'm not sure why its not working maybe try using a different browser such a safari or i think you can try to add via your dashboard...let me know how it turns is a pleasure to meet you!

Kimberly said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Our trip to San Diego was very short. I was visiting family that was in town from Canada. We did check out the San Diego zoo and LA Jolla area which was very nice. When will you be taking off for your West Coast road trip?!

katiegilhoulie said...

I absolutely love this post. I feel like I find myself preaching this message often. I love everything I have in this moment (altho like you there are many dreams I'm chasing). Too often we wish our lives away. Wishing for the future instead of embracing the present.
Thank you for this!

Elizabeth said...

I love GWTW...I hope you got m.r. to watch it with you!

And my appreciations today: that I'm loved, that I'm brave, that I have family :)