Friday, 20 November 2009

dreaming of a white christmas

as we approach christmas time, my thoughts generally turn to a number of things (presents, family, mince pies, board games, the queen's speech!) but i also think of snow.

here in london, we are almost never blessed with a white christmas. it's one of the saddest things about living in the capital. christmas is the time i miss living by the sea where waking up to find snow had covered the ground was always a lot more likely.

that being said, london does seem to partake in the snowy wonderfulness occassionally - just when london decides it's appropriate to do so.
2008 - snow fell in april
2009 - snow fell in february

i love snow. unfortunately, london transport does not and the slight sign of white droplets sends the capital into a spin. in february, undergrounds came to a standstill, bus routes were terminated and getting to work became a nightmare. 
i "worked from home".
m.r. decided to walk into work and these are his photos from his journey..........




this year, i'm definitely dreaming of a white christmas!


Rebecca said...

hello :) I love the telepohne boxes and the underground sign, the london red suits the snow!

Emily Anne said...

LOVE the photos! :) I can't wait for a white Christmas.
Cute blog!

mart and lu said...

lovely photos! yes we already have snow...and it has inspired me to go shopping and decorate already!

Daniel James Photography said...

so cool, London with or without snow seems awesome!

M.M.E. said...

Amazing shots. It's so nice to meet another photographer! I've always wanted to live in Britain but I need to have snow on Christmas. Speaking of which, if you come visit me (in North Dakota, USA) you can have 4 feet of snow for the holidays. And -40 F temperatures.

Red Boots said...

I love that you used "I worked from home" ;)

I was living in Southampton in February - we got the snow too (I'm from Scotland - I thought the snow was quite paltry), so I went to work. No-one else showed up! The whole city shut down because of a couple of inches of snow. Crazy!