Wednesday, 18 November 2009

band of brothers

m.r. and i have just watched the final episode of "band of brothers" - it is a truly sensational series.

i'm not usually a huge fan of war programmes or movies, i always feel as though they're lacking in real emotion and could never come close to depicting how it must have felt to be in those times and that situation. i guess i always felt like a fraud in a way - as though i was somehow undermining the pain and suffering these men must have gone through by watching an actor crossing the screen with fake blood strewn across their face and uniform.

i didn't feel like a fraud watching this. in fact, after each episode, m.r. and i were often rendered speechless for a few minutes, having been forced to contemplate the horrifying experiences these men had to endure. maybe because the men in the programme were real men, all unique characters, with real lives waiting for them back at home. i don't know.

please watch this series. it is heartbreaking.


Megara said...

ah - the men in my family love this show, so i know it's really good... i watched it once, but it was way too much for me. i think it's so important to remember and try to understand what the men who fought our wars went through, but it's so real - it's way too much for me.

Saskia said...

Mr B and I have the box set... we LOVED this. It's definitely the most sympathetic, well-done, accurate WW2 drama we've seen (and we've seen a LOT!!)

The second WW is a subject very close to my heart.


Elizabeth said...

I love how sincere a recommendation this is...I'm always looking new things to watch :)