Sunday, 15 November 2009

sunday, fun sunday

with m.r. working on the laptop and bob dylan providing a soundtrack to our sunday, i spent the morning baking a cake.

one of my dearest friends had nominated himself to host an afternoon tea session and cook a few of us an english roast. the cake was my way of saying thank you.

the host will actually be my usher at our wedding. i realise it isn't exactly traditional for the bride to have an usher, but i wanted him to be part of the day somehow, so i've let tradition take a back seat on this one.

so usher, dinner was delicious, thank you - a fantastic way to finish off the weekend!

exams next week...........darn. why oh why is it so hard to focus and study?????


Kimberly said...

Good job USHER!
When is your wedding ? Soon?

Adele said...

hi hun, thanks for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment (: its soo exciting that you're about to get hitched! xo

Lauren said...

I love the list on the side of why you two are perfect for each other. Cute blog! :)

Saskia said...

Wonderful wonderful that you have an usher!! I'm all for mixing all these old traditions up!! I didn't have adult bridesmaids and I don't wear my wedding & engagment rings on the same hand and you'd think I had two heads the way some people react!!!

Saskia xx

no.5 "He's always hot. I'm always cold." Same for us!!! Loved this.

the real mia said...

What a lovely cake.

janis said...

hey thanks for your sweet comment!
i know what you mean about difficulty focusing. i had big plans on staying at the library last night after class - and then i ended up running into two friends and we spontaneously went out for dinner and had a THREE AND A HALF HOUR gab fest. but it was amazing, so i think that's more important than silly old school...right?