Wednesday, 11 November 2009

my wonderful sister

i've always wanted a sister.

my brother, as brothers go, is pretty great (forgetting the 'smacking me over the head with a spade' incident when we were young). but it was never going to be the same as having a sister

i dreamt of having someone to share secrets with, someone to take shopping to help me find that perfect dress, someone to call me just to tell me the latest celeb gossip they'd heard.

until now, friends have always been a substitute. but as a result of an extremely intelligent decision made by my brother (see, good points!), i now have my very own, fabulous sister.

she's awesome. and yesterday, she was offered a new job! whoop whoop!

congratulations sis - we're all very proud of you! xx


AbbieBabble said...

Hooray for fantastic new sisters!

Saskia said...

I too never had a sister (or a brother) but then I married and got 3 brothers and 4 sisters (:

I'm glad you've found a lovely sister & congratulations to her on the new job!

I found your blog through Olivia's... I'm glad I did, it's lovely!


Megara said...

hi! i found your blog through olivia's, and it's very cute. i have a sister (after gettig married) now after life with two brothers, and since one of them is getting married in the spring, i'm about to have another! i love it - there's something special about having a sister (maybe especially when she comes into your life as an adult)
xo meg

mandi said...

I have a sister (she's 3 years younger) and I have always wondered if the sisters that get along, gossip and share clothes really exist! hehe. Growing up all my sister and I did was argue, pick at eachother, and find ways to get the other in trouble! Now that we are older we are finally learning to appreciate eachother but we still have our moments ;p

kELLO! said...

i was reading on the side a little about you and him. and they are exactly just like roed and i! (i would only change number 7 around. =) numbers and i do NOT get along. haha
thanks for stopping by my blog! it's a cute one you've got yourself, here! ;)

mart and lu said...

oh cute! i have always wanted a brother and now that my seesta is getting married this weekend i get to have a brother so exciting! congratulations.