Tuesday, 17 November 2009

guilty pleasures

over the past few days, i have been preoccupied with revising for my upcoming exams tomorrow and friday. i would like to submit photo (a) as evidence of said revision.

however, i confess that i have manged to find numerous distractions over the past 2 days that have somewhat delayed said revision.

notably, "the hills".

i realise that admitting to watching this programme is far from cool. however, i am who i am.
i know the programme is fake.
the characters are incredibly annoying
and i curse myself for not having been to the gym recently everytime 'kristin' appears on the screen (scrap that, anytime any of the girls appear on the screen)
but......... i am completely addicted.

it's a guilty pleasure, what can i say?!

i deplore any one else with a guilty pleasure to share it with me in attempt to rid me of my own shame.

p.s. i pretend to be ashamed but i love it way too much to care how others may judge me ;0)


Elizabeth said...

This is one of my guilty pleasures too. How many guilty pleasures can you have before you're in trouble...I know I have at least a dozen. And most of them are television shows :)

katiegh said...

vampires. twilight, true blood, vamp diaries, you name it!

mandi said...

i too was addicted to the hills before lauren left.
i am still secretly in love with real world...im only 25 but i feel like im too old to watch MTV...and when i do i feel like a terd.

olivia rae said...

i love guilty pleasure tv. we always watch biggest loser and glee... we're a little too obsesesd.

Anna said...

ahh I love the Hills! it is so shallow but entertaining...I have absolutely no guilt in watching it. I love how it's always sunny there. I don't even compare my life to theirs because they are so dramatic and ridiculous and it would make me sooo unhappy to live like that! Even if I had perfect hair and wardrobe.

Courtney said...

I too shamefully watch The Hills. There is something so addicting about it, isn't there? Especially now that Lauren's gone. Kristin's so much more fun.