Monday, 23 November 2009

joan rivers had a good point

today was the beginning of my 'i'm going to have a katy perry-esq body by the time i get married in may' plan.

so, at lunchtime, i hauled myself to the gym - a place whose absence in my life over the last few years, i confess, i have not missed.

45 minutes later, every single limb felt as though it was one moment away from falling off. to say i was in pain would be an understatement. blimey.

i am clearly unfit. scrap that, i think my body may have forgotten how to use it's muscles.

somebody please tell me that this gets easier.......?


Megara said...

it gets easier!!!!! don't worry... soon you'll start to get the "workout high" where you feel all-powerful and so amazing, like you can achieve anything. then you're hooked :) it's still a struggle to get to the gym or go out for a run every day, but at least then you can remind yourself how good it feels afterwards. i find when i'm on a workout bend & i do it regularly, there will be days that i crave going out for a run, and it's all i can think about until i do it. i love those days! unfortunately right now i'm in a workout rut... every week i try to get out of it! soon i hope :)

Spare Thoughts said...

I must confess I've never, ever had a gym high - and so I'm very jealous of those that do, maybe I should go more often and push myself a bit harder? Anyway it will get easier once you are in to a routine of going - balance it out with nicer exercise like swimming, yoga or pilates to give the muscles a bit of a stretch. And well done for starting that's the hardest bit I reckon.

J B J said...

It will get easier! Although...I am not one to really talk .. I get into a gym routine only to break it! And I do so pretty often :o)

Good luck!!!!!

Kristin said...

30 Day Shred lady. It works wonders!

Nahl said...

haha i love the quote! I don't exercise either. I'm glad I found your blog-so interesting.