Friday, 18 December 2009

shaking with excitement

starting a new job is bound to be fairly daunting.
but yesterday, i attended an away day with the team i'll be joining in january and boy, i am a happy lady today.....

you know when things all sort of fall into place? well, i feel as though i fell into place there, with these people.

i feel as though i 'fit'.

i think this change is going to be a great one.

last night, as i was telling m.r. all about how fantastic the day had been, i was literally shaking with excitement.
that can only ever be a good thing.

without wanting to wish away christmas.... bring on january!


janis said...

oh i'm so happy for you! that's fantastic!! you're a lucky lady for finding somewhere that fits.

buhdoop said...

Your blog is so adorable, glad I found it :)

Iva said...

good for you!!