Wednesday, 30 December 2009

emerging from xmas madness

well christmas has certainly been a hectic one this year for m.r. and i but most definitely a wonderful one - full on family, food, fun (and then some more food)!

the only downside was that every member of the family fell ill at some point during the holiday. my mum tells me thats what happens when you switch off and your body starts to wind down for the break.

everyone battled through it though and we still managed to enjoy all the festivities - i find champagne often helps the immune system ;0)

we spent most of our time playing games with the babies, watching movies and eating the most delicious christmas dinner made by my mum. the perfect holiday. oh, and my nephew got his first tooth!

in addition to all of this, father christmas was ridiculously kind to me this year so i had every reason in the world to be smiling....

m.r. treated me to a fantastic sewing machine and his family bought a whole bunch of beautiful accessories to get me started.

i have already ordered two dress patterns (mainly inspired by the 50s-esq dresses worn in 'pushing daisies') and i cannot wait to get going with them....... if only the postal system in london was a little more efficient!

my parents, unbelievably, bought me a pair of christian louboutin shoes. thats right. i can hardly believe it myself but i appreciate how lucky i am to have received such a wonderful present - my parents most definitely rock!

exact picture to follow as mum and i are off to harrods on the weekend to choose the style we think i'd wear the most - with shoes such as these, i think this decision should be taken very seriously!

all the family, including m.r., swear that all my presents were bought before my 'if father christmas' post below. it would appear that they all know me far too well!

well, i'm just about to start catching up on everyones elses christmas stories. i'm so looking forward to hearing about how you all spent your holidays and what made your christmas wonderful this year.....


my name is lauren. said...

so jealous of your new loubies! i've been wanting a pair forever! i would get the classic round toe black heels. i can't wait to see pictures of you in your sexy new shoes. and i also can't wait to see the 50's inspired dresses you whip up with that new sewing machine :). i loved pushing daisies! so sad it got cancelled.

Mandy said...

I REALLY wanted a sewing machine. I am so jealous of you!