Thursday, 10 December 2009

my new obsession

right now, i absolutely adore mustard.

the colour. not the condiment.

i am by no means a fashionista, so please forgive me if mustard was 'so last season', but it is my new obsession.




all images from yes style.

christmas sales are approaching - i'm pretty sure my wardrobe will soon be full of mustard.

the colour. not the condiment.


olivia rae said...

do you have the link to that last coat? i kind of really want it!

my name is lauren. said...

i'm in love with the color mustard as well.

i currently own:

*a slouchy mustard hat
*a pair of mustard tights
*a mustard purse
*a mustard dress

You should check out i got my dress there and i always find such good deals. ALSO... they usually have free shipping if you spend over $50.

J B J said...

I still LOVE mustard colored clothing! I just bought a cheeeeap mustard colored "faux" satin skirt from forever 21! and i lovvveee it!

i also love those coats!!! jealous! :o)

Megara said...

i have the unfortunate feeling that mustard would be terrible on me... but i love that first cardigan, so cozy looking!

Rebecca said...

I love love love mustard., its so warm and autumnal, and goes with a surprising amount of colours :)

kateigh said...

this color is so fun. last season or not, this color on clothes makes me smile.

pink coffee photoart said...

me too! i keep buying things in that color on ebay. :) hats, tights, a sweater...