Sunday, 20 December 2009

if father christmas......

was a millionaire or a miracle worker, i would ask him for these christmas presents:

1. every pair of shoes that christian louboutin has ever designed
2. a brand new laptop that doesn't take a lifetime to connect to the internet and can cope with photoshop, so i don't have to keep 'borrowing' m.r.'s
3. a sewing machine and every sewing accessory i can think of to make pretty, pretty things
4. a blackberry. i am not interested in the iphone. i need functionality, not apps.
5. a winning lottery ticket
6. my grandad back - if only for my wedding day

not that i'm asking for much....

in reality, christmas this year will be all about family for me and m.r. - his and mine, that is "ours". (i still love saying that!)
it will be a first christmas for my new nephew and niece and my eldest nephew actually understands whats going on for the first time.
i'm so ridiculously excited.
even if the babies enjoy the wrapping paper more than the things inside it, i can't think of a better christmas present than watching them smile all day.
their laughs are contagious.
no other present will beat it.


my name is lauren. said...

i would love even one pair of louboutins. just the classic black round toe pumps. those are my favorite.

i hope you have a good christmas even if you don't get all those things :).

kateigh said...

my favorite part of christmas every year is watching all my nieces, nephews and cousing playing and then opening their presents. it doesn't seem that long ago that i was begging to open presents!

hope you have a fabulous holiday!

Anonymous said...

great list! i would love a winning lottery ticket too! thanks for stopping by my blog! i am glad to know i am not the only one who has had something like that spoil a christmas surprise! i hope you have a great day! (i'm a follower now! wahoo!)