Sunday, 13 December 2009

party season

christmas party season kicked off last night with a 'razzle dazzle' 20s event.

m.r. freelances for the company my dad started earlier this year, looking after their i.t., so we were technically invited as employee and partner, but i was just pleased to be there, supporting my dad at his first company 'do'.

we all had so much fun.....

we were treated to a fabulous cabaret show

we spun the wheel and played some roulette

and we ate a delicious meal
(please note-glasses here are m.r.'s and i am borrowing them to watch the cabaret! saying that, i'm strangly tempted to get a pair...)

in addition to all of this, there were dodgems!!!!!!

this photo was taken a moment before we hit my brother and sister-in-law, in car number 3, straight up the bum.

as far as i'm concerned, any party that has dodgems, is undeniably awesome.

so thanks mum and dad - we had the best time! xx


my name is lauren. said...

this looks like such a fun party! you guys are adorable and i'm enjoying the glasses.

it's funny to me that you say dodgems, cause in the u.s. we say bumper cars. i guess i learned something new today :).

Megara said...

this party looks awesome! your dad definitely went above and beyond my expectations for a holiday party. nice work!
xo meg

Elizabeth said...

I like you in the glasses! I've never thought they were for nerds, only for really smart, stylish women. I'm sure if I'd had to wear them as a kid, I would feel different :)