Friday, 4 December 2009

reunion comes but once a year

i am off to the countryside today for my annual christmas uni reunion weekend.

this annual weekend away is one of the highlights of my year - full of christmas festivities, reminiscing, good food and friendly banter.

countryside adventures, however, equate to no computer, no wifi and therefore, no blogging!

bye bye blogworld - although i will only be gone for 3 days, i will miss you. although, i promise some juicy posts and pictures on my return.


Nahl said...

I'm jealous-I wish I could go away somewhere for a little while, just away from the world.
Anyway, hope you have a great time! :)

Megara said...

have fun this weekend!
xo meg
ps, i was wondering about your header picture... is that you and the boy? is that your actual save the date? if so, it's adorable!