Monday, 1 February 2010

my first self-made dress

after a number of saturdays spent crouched over my wonderfully shiny and new sewing machine, i have finally finished my dress!

i'm so excited because, believe it or not, it is actually wearable!

sure, the zip isn't completely straight and one pocket is ever so slightly larger than the other, but for a newbie, i think the results are pretty good.

i have to confess, i'm actually kinda proud of myself.

the only other dress i've made was in a class - and, if i'm being honest, the teacher took control of most of that. i really didn't think i could do it on my own. but yippee! i really did manage it.

and, most importantly, making it was so much fun! i cannot wait to get back down to the fabric shop and start all over again.


Red Boots said...

It's beautiful! Seriously impressed that you made it! So far with my sewing maching I've got as far as a wonky cushion cover! Let me know when you start taking commissions!!

Anna said...

that is adorable, and seriously an achievement! I love the fabric! My poor sewing machine is languishing in its box...I need to bust it out. :)

Rhianne said...

It looks great! Well done you. I've never made anything so I'm hugely impressed!

Fay said...

Woop! It's gorgeous! I hope to see many more being made from now on. Diid you make up the pattern from an existing dress or buy it?

my name is lauren. said...

your dress is lovely! so talented. i'm impressed.