Wednesday, 3 February 2010

dear dentist, you are a jerk

i don't know if were just having a bad day or if you consider it appropriate to be a jerk to your patients but, either way, you made me cross.
i get that you may not always have the answers and you may not know exactly why my front tooth is wobbling all over the place. but would it really have taken much for you to put me at ease just a little?!

all i wanted was a 'don't worry, your front tooth is very unlikely to fall out anytime soon' or a 'your fear of being a toothless bride is a silly one'.

but no. instead, you spend 30 seconds pulling my tooth from side to side, loosening it even further, you swear at your computer for being unable to read the x-ray, and then you let me know, with no sensitivity whatsoever, that there is a possibility that my tooth may fall out with no explanation as to why.

london dentists are mean and useless.

my home town is 2 hours away but i am taking a train there tomorrow morning to see a real dentist.

even if she tells me the same things, at least she'll do it nicely.


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Rhianne said...

Urgh, dentists are horrible - I never went in London - I ended up going back to Norwich. good luck with your dentist at home.

Anonymous said...

hey there. just discovered your blog... with you on the dentist thing (even though a good friend is a dentist... am sure she's not that kind of dentist but I can't go to her!)

I've got to get braces as one of my teeth is on the move - and the dentist was so harsh when he told me. basically said if i didn't get it done i'd look v ugly when i'm older and my oh wouldn't want me then! charming huh??!