Tuesday, 26 January 2010

wanting to be naughty

i have finally embarked on my wedding 'diet' (i dislike this word because really, i'm just eating healthily). motivation kicked in a couple of weeks ago when it dawned on me how close my last dress fitting was becoming. by the end of april, i am supposed to have reached my goal weight, ready to look as beautiful at the fitting as i plan to look on the wedding day itself.

temptation lurks at every corner.

but, even if i say so myself, i'm doing pretty well so far. i'm resisting 'bad' treats and the pounds are, slowly, falling off. to be fair, what greater motivation can you have than your wedding day?!

saying that, today, i really feel like eating all of this....

(all images from wikipedia)

i know i can do this and i know i won't cave. but i thought it might make me feel better to share how much i really really want to be naughty.


Meg said...

you have the BEST taste in junk food. of course, i don't consider a huge triangle of brie to be junk food... i would consider it a healthy part of a balanced diet (of cheese)! yum :)

Nahl said...

omG, hun you need to learn one rule when you're on a wedding diet: NO posting of pictures that can tempt the hell out of you! It just gets tougher.
I have faith in you though.
You'll do good.

my name is lauren. said...

stick to it love! you can do it! and just think how hot you'll look in that dress!

oh...and p.s.

hope you get that piano one day :).

Rhianne said...

ohhh, I'm trying to be good too but a Crunchie would be so good right now!