Monday, 11 January 2010

discovering ingrid

i was completing my usual daily blog catch up and came across an adorable video on as she thinketh.

not only do the two of them look like they're having the most wonderful time in their helmets, on their sledge, but she accompanied the video with the most beautiful song -" you and i" by ingrid michaelson.

how have i never heard this fantastic lady before????


Anonymous said...

I love Ingrid, thanks for posting this!

kELLO! said...

"far away" is our theme song.

mandi said...

oooOOOoo you need to go buy an ingrid CD. every single one of her songs is fantastic and completly adorable. <3

Nahl said...

I remember hearing her before, and making a mental note of discovering more of her. This post just reminded me to do so!
Love the header btw.

J B J said...

i need to download some of her tunes... everyone raves about her!

lately when it comes to music... i am so behind!

Elizabeth said...

Girl...I have listened to her for so long. There's a different emotion-provoking memory attached to every one of her songs. Love her; glad you do too!